Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield Tell Their Love Story in First Trailer for ‘We Live in Time’

This will be his first film appearance since 2019. Goldfinch, Brooklyn Drama directed by John Crowley We live in time Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield’s decade-spanning romance was recently announced for its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival ahead of its October 11th release, and A24 has released the first trailer.

Here’s the synopsis: “When Almut (Florence Pugh) and Tobias (Andrew Garfield) are drawn together in an unexpected, life-changing encounter, snapshots of their lives reveal difficult truths that will shake the foundations of their lives as they fall in love with each other, build a home, and become a family. As they embark on a path that defies the limitations of time, they learn to cherish every moment along the way in their unconventional love story. A moving romance spanning a decade from filmmaker John Crowley.”

Check out the trailer below:

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