Parks And Rec Was Saved From Cancellation By An Indecisive Studio Executive

The show ran for seven seasons, with 126 episodes under its belt, including a reunion special produced in the early days of the pandemic. It’s an incredible run that few shows will ever see in the streaming era, given how quickly services like Netflix cancel something after just a couple seasons. As things stand now, that executive probably wouldn’t have changed his mind.

“Parks and Recreation” has an enduring legacy that extends far beyond the series itself.It helped launch Chris Pratt to stardom, leading to his roles in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World.” It also worked wonders for Aubrey Plaza (April) and Nick Offerman (Ron). While Amy Poehler has achieved a lot in her career, Leslie Knope has similarly become her go-to role. Jones touched on how the show’s audience has grown over the years, talking about an anniversary event the cast attended that made them feel like The Beatles:

“I think it was five years ago, we went to Dolby and did a 10th anniversary thing where we all came out, the whole cast. The reception was so… I felt like the Beatles, it was crazy. People were screaming so loud. [and] We were all crying because we had never been in a room where anyone cared about us.”

In fact, there are signs that the show’s audience has grown in recent years. When the The album Mouse Rat was released in 2021, and even entered the Billboard charts. We’re not just talking about a large fanbase, but a passionate one. Fortunately, the man at the top of NBC had a change of heart that fateful day.

“Parks and Recreation” is currently streaming on Peacock.

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