Locarno 2024’s lineup includes new films from Hong Sang-soo, Ramon Zürcher, Wang Bing and Radu Jude

The 77th event will be held from August 7th to 17th.Number The Locarno Film Festival has announced its lineup of highly anticipated films. Among the notable films are director Hong Sang-soo’s second feature film of the year, Along the streamStarring Kim Min-hee, Kwon Hae-hyo, and Jo Yoon-hee. Chimney SparrowWang Bing’s second part Young people Trilogy, Hard TimesThere will also be a host of new films being screened, including those by Radu Jude, Bertrand Mandico, Courtney Stevens, Ben Rivers, Gürkan Kertek, Denis Côté, Kevin Jérôme Anderson and Fabrice du Weltz (featuring Abel Ferrara!), and, most notably, the world premiere of Tarsem Singh’s restoration. Fallwhich features a slightly different edit. He recently.

“We are thrilled to have been selected for Locarno’s 77th festival,” said Jonah A. Nazzaro, artistic director of the Locarno Film Festival.Number The festival believes that its works represent the best of contemporary filmmaking. It pays particular attention to works that expand the possibilities of cinema and at the same time consciously seek to spark a more meaningful dialogue with the audience. The festival thus continues to serve as a platform for intersectional dialogue. The selection, as expected, presents the work of well-known directors, but also new directors who will play an important role in cinema in the future. In particular, the opening film, Great Flood, “In Gianluca Jodice’s second film, Mélanie Laurent and Guillaume Canet deliver career-defining performances as they recreate the final days of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. To celebrate the performances of these two incredible stars, we are awarding them the coveted Davide Campari Award for Excellence.”

Please see below for the lineup.

Grande Square

ELECTRIC CHILD by Simon Jacquemet
Gaucho Gaucho by Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw
“LE DÉLUGE” by Gianluca Jodice
“The Proceedings of the Chien” by Laetitia Dosch
Mexico 86 by Cesar Diaz
“REINAS” by Claudia Reinicke
RITA Paz Vega
“SAUVAGES” by Claude Barras
“SEW TORN” by Freddie McDonald
SHAMBHALA by Min Bahadur Bam
“The Fall (Restored Edition)” by Tarsem Singh
The Piano by Jane Campion
The Sacred Fig Seed by Mohammed Rasoulof

Concorso Internazionale

“AGORA” by Ala Eddin Slim
“AKIPLĖŠA (TOXIC)” by Saulė Bliuvaitė
“Saint-Millemireade” by Virgil Vernier
“The Sparrow in the Chimney” by Ramon Zürcher

“FOGO DO VENTO (Fire of the Wind)” by Marta Mateus
“GREEN LINE” by Sylvie Barriot
LA MORT VIENDRA by Christoph Hochheisler
LUCE Silvia Luzi, Luca Bellino
MOND Kurdwin Ayub
Youth (KU) (Youth (Hardship)) Wang Bing

“Flowing Stream (Along a Stream)” by Hong Sang-soo

Salve Maria of Mar Col
SESES (DROWNING DRY) Laurinas Barreza
Transamazonia by Pia Marais

Film Festival Competition

Cricket, now it’s your turn Olga Korotko
“DER FLECK” by Willy Hans
FARIO by Lucy Prost
Fekete Ponto (Lessons) by Bálint Szimler
FOUL EVIL DEEDS by Richard Hunter
“HANAMI” by Dennis Fernandez
HOLY ELECTRICITY by Tato Kotetishvili
Inventions by Courtney Stevens
JOQTAU by Aruan Anarthai
When the Phone Rings by Iva Radivojevic
“KOUTÉ VWA” by Maxime Jean-Baptiste
“Children of Red” by Lotfi Ashour
MONÓLOGO COLLECTIVO by Jessica Sarah Rinland
Olivia and Nubes by Tomás Picardo Espaillat
“REAL” by Adele Turri

Pardi dei Domani – International Concorso

400 Cassette Tapes by Thelyia Petraki
On the Impossibility of Homage by Zandra Popescu
Dull greenish spots Sasha Svirsky
FREAK by Claire Barnett
Gender reveal by Mo Mutton
GIMN CHUME (Anthem of the Plague) by Ataka51
ICEBERGS by Carlos Pereira
Ludwig (Power Inferno) by Anton Bialas
Mothers Are Born Sinners by Boris Hajiya and Hoda Taheri
PUNTER by Jason Adam Mazel
QUE TE VAYA BONITO, RICO by Joel Alfonso Vargas
RAZEH–DEL Mariam Tafakhori
Soleil Gris by Camille Monnier
The Cavalry by Alina Orlov
“The Form” by Melika Pazuwki
The Nature of Dogs by Pom Vansamvicha
Mickey Lai’s WASHHH
What Mary Didn’t Know by Konstantina Kotsamani

Pardi dei Domani – Concorso Nazionale
“Don’t Kill the Groove” by Jonathan Leggett
LUX CARNE by Gabriel Grosscloud
“MAMAN DANSE” by Megane Brugger
Theo Kunz’s Metropole
PROGRESS MINING by Gabriel Bohmer
“REVIER” by Felix Scherer
SANS VOIX (by Samuel Passey)
Skye Rogers: Manager to the Stars, Ciel Soledad
TINDERBOYS by Sarah Butcher and Carlos Tapia

Pardi di Domani – Concorso Corti d’Otre

“One Son, One Father” by Andrés Ramírez Pulido
Zhou Hezhuang (Sad Face) by Hao Zhou
The days before Nicky’s death Denis Côté
LA FILLE QUI EXPLOSE by Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinnell
“LES BOUCHES” by Valentin Mertz
My Life is the Wind (Letter) by Anahita Ghazvinizadeh
“Practice, Practice, Practice” by Kevin Jerome Everson
“REVOLVING ROUNDS” by Johan Raaf and Christina Jauernik
UPSHOT by Maha Haji

Fuori Concorso

Bang Bang Vincent Glashow
The Telepathic Letters by Edgar Pella
Dragon Expansion by Bertrand Mandico

“ESPÈCE MENACÉE” by Bruno Deville
FRÉWAKA by Aislinn Clark
The Passion of Beatrice by Fabrice du Welz

The genius of the transformation of the opera class in France, by Samir
“LA VITA ACCANTO” by Marco Tullio Jordana
“MA FAMILLE CHERIE” by Isild Le Besco
OPT ILLUSTRATIONS IN LUMEA IDEALĂ (Eight Postcards from Utopia) by Radu Jude and Christian Ferenc Flatz

SLEEP #2 by Radu Jude

Film history

Confession of Love by Luciano Salce – Italy – 1963
Jonas Ki Orla 25 years ago 2000 by Alan Tanner – Switzerland, France – 1976
ONDA NOVA Francisco C. Martins, José Antonio Garcia – Brazil – 1983
Samuel Fuller’s “STREET OF NO RETURN” – France, Portugal – 1989

A tribute to Stan Brakhage
A co-production with the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

The Wonder Ring by Stan Brakhage – USA – 1955
CAT’S CRADLE by Stan Brakhage – USA – 1959
Window Water Baby Moving by Stan Brakhage – USA – 1959
Dog Star Man: Prelude by Stan Brakhage – USA – 1961
MOTHLIGHT by Stan Brakhage – USA – 1963
MURDER PSALM by Stan Brakhage – USA – 1981
Dante Quartet by Stan Brakhage – USA – 1987
Untitled (For Marilyn) Stan Brakhage – USA – 1992


Wall Street, by Roy William Neal – USA – 1929
BROTHERS by Walter Lang – USA – 1930
“Three Wise Girls” by William Bowdoin – USA – 1932
VANITY STREET by Nicholas Grinde – USA – 1932
Washington Merry-go-round by James Crews – USA – 1932
MAN’S CASTLE by Frank Borzage – USA – 1933
UMPA Archie Gottler – USA – 1933
20th Century by Howard Hawks – USA – 1934
IF YOU COULD ONLY COOK by William A. Sater – USA – 1935
THE WHOLE TOWN’S TALKING by John Ford – USA – 1935
Craig’s Wife by Dorothy Arzner – USA – 1936
Turmoil in the Courtroom by Preston Black – USA – 1936
Deeds Goes to Town, directed by Frank Capra – USA – 1936
LET US LIVE by John Brahm – USA – 1939
PEST FROM THE WEST by Del Lord – USA – 1939
“Girls Under 21” by Max Nossek – USA – 1940
You’re a Nasty Spy! by Jules White – USA – 1940
UNDER AGE by Edward Dmytryk – USA – 1941
My Sister Irene by Alexander Hall – USA – 1942
THE TALK OF THE TOWN by George Stevens – USA – 1942
Sahara by Zoltan Korda – USA – 1943
Address Unknown by William Cameron Menzies – USA – 1944
No One Escapes André de Toth – USA – 1944
TOGETHER AGAIN by Charles Vidor – USA – 1944
The Mysterious Intruder by William Castle – USA – 1946
The Girl from Shanghai Directed by Orson Welles – USA – 1947 (2nd screening at Piazza Grande) The King’s Men Directed by Robert Rossen – USA – 1949
THE UNDERCOVER MAN by Joseph H. Lewis – USA – 1949
Walking Hills by John Sturges – USA – 1949
The New York Murderer by Earl McEvoy – USA – 1950
Pickups Hugo Haas – USA – 1951
THE FIRST TIME by Frank Tashlin – USA – 1952
Gun Fury by Raoul Walsh – USA – 1953
The Big Heat by Fritz Lang – USA – 1953
Glass Wall by Maxwell Shane – USA – 1953
IT SHOULD HAPPEN TO YOU by George Cukor – USA – 1954
My Sister Eileen by Richard Quine – USA – 1955
PICNIC by Joshua Logan – USA – 1955
The Final Frontier by Anthony Mann – USA – 1955
“Women’s Prison” by Louise Thaler – USA – 1955
“Bitter Victory” by Nicholas Ray – France, USA – 1957
A Gunman’s Walk directed by Phil Karlson – USA – 1958
Contract Killing by Irving Lerner – USA – 1958
RIDE LONESOME by Budd Boetticher – USA – 1959

Open Door Screening

BLACK MOTHER by Khaliq Allah — Jamaica, USA — 2018
EAMI by Paz Encina – Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, USA, Netherlands, France – 2022
“LA BACHATA DE BIONICO” by Yoel Morales – Dominican Republic – 2024
“LA PIEL DEL AGUA” by Patricia Velázquez – Costa Rica, Chile – 2024
“LA PLAYA DE LOS ENCHAQUIRADOS” by Ivan Mora Manzano – Ecuador – 2021
“LOS CAPÍTULOS PERDIDOS” by Lorena Alvarado – Venezuela, USA – 2024
RAÍZ by Franco García Becerra – Peru, Chile – 2024
“UNCIVILIZED” by Michael Rees — Dominican Republic — 2019

AFORISMOS DEL LAGO by Humberto González Bustillo – Venezuela – 2021
“DE REINAS Y OTROS COLORES” by Juan Herrera Zuluaga – Guatemala – 2021
I LOVE PAPUCHI Rosa Maria Rodriguez Pupo – Cuba – 2018
“Kembe Alada” by Wendy Dessert – Haiti – 2020
“Las Maravillas” by Rob Mendoza – Ecuador – 2024
The Ties of Man and Blood, the Bond Between Vulture and Chicha by Luciana Decker Orozco – Bolivia – 2023 Sirena by Olivia de Camps – Dominican Republic – 2024
“TIERRA DE LECHE” by Milton Guillén and Fiona Guy Hall – Nicaragua, USA – 2023
TWA FÈY (THREE LEAVES) by Eléonore Coyette, Sephora Montéau – Haiti, Belgium – 2021

Locarno Kids Screening

I FRATELLI DINAMITE by Nino Pagotto – Italy – 1949
Claude Barras: 6 short films Claude Barras, Cédric Louis, Albertine Zullo, David Toutvois – 2005–2017 Ma Vie de Surget Claude Barras – Switzerland, France – 2016
“AKIKO, DER FLIEGENDE AFFE” by Veit Helmer – Germany – 2024
IGRIŠČA NE DAMO (BLOCK 5) Klemen Dvornik – Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia – 2024
KIMINOIRO (THE COLORS WITHIN) Naoko Yamada – Japan – 2024
“LA PETITE ET LE VIEUX” by Patrice Sauvé – Canada – 2024
“LIVING LARGE” by Kristina Duhkova – Czech Republic, Slovakia, France – 2024
“SLOCUM ET MOI” by Jean-François Raguionie – Luxembourg, France – 2024

A week of criticism

A SISTERS’ TALE by Leila Amini – Switzerland, France, Iran – 2024
“DEAR BEAUTIFUL BELOVED” by Yuri Letinsky – Austria – 2024
“FAMILIAR PLACES” by Mara Reinhardt – Germany – 2024
Forms of travel Gabriela Domínguez Rubalcaba – Mexico – 2024 Movement for boys and girls Katharina Köster, Katrin Nemec – Germany – 2024
“LA DÉPOSITION” by Claudia Marchal – France – 2024
WIR ERBEN by Simon Baumann – Switzerland – 2024

Panorama Switzerland

BERGFAHRT – REISE ZU DEN RIESEN by Dominique Margot – Switzerland – 2024 BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD BLACKBERRY by Elene Naveriani – Switzerland, Georgia – 2023 DIE ANHÖRUNG by Lisa Gerig – Switzerland – 2023
JAKOBS ROSS by Katalin Gödrös – Switzerland, Luxembourg – 2024
Scomparsa for Bruno Breguet by Olmo Cerri – Switzerland – 2024
LE VENT QUI SIFFLE DANS LES GRUES by Jeanne Waltz – Portugal, Switzerland – 2024 LES PARADIS DE DIANE by Carmen Jacquier and Yann Gassmann – Switzerland – 2024 RETOUR EN ALEXANDRIE by Tamar Legris – Switzerland, France – 2023
Riverboom by Claude Bechtold – Switzerland – 2023
THE LANDSCAPE AND THE FURY by Nicole Vogel – Switzerland – 2024

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