Devon Sawa battles skin-eating monster in horror movie ‘Consumed’ trailer

Devon Sawa battles skin-eating monster in horror movie ‘Consumed’ trailer

July 10, 2024
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“Are you hunting this?!” Brainstorm Media has released the official trailer for the indie horror film. Consumedthe latest work by genre film director Mitchell Altieri (The Hamiltons, The Violent People, The People Raised by Wolves, The Night WatchIf you’re interested, it will be released directly to VOD in August later this summer. Butcher Brothers – Director/Producer Mitchell Altieri and aka producer Phil Flores, starring Courtney Halverson, Mark Famigliettiand Devon Sawa. Consumed is a horror thriller about a married couple who go on a camping trip and encounter some terrifying things. Trapped between a revenge-seeking madman (played by Sawa) and a skin-stealing monster, the couple must find the strength to fight and get out of the woods alive. The trailer has some nice shades of space sci-fi horror, with some creepy teasers of the grotesque monsters that are out there.

Check out the official trailer (plus poster) from director Mitchell Altieri here ConsumedDirect Youtube:

Consumed Horror Poster

A married couple, Jay and Beth (Mark Famiglietti and Courtney Halverson), go on a camping trip to celebrate the first year since Beth’s cancer went into remission, but end up trapped in the woods between a wild madman and a skin-stealing monster. Consumed The film is directed by a Brazilian-American indie filmmaker. Mitchell Altieri (a member of the Butcher Brothers), many film directors The Long Cut, Lurking in the Suburbs, The Hamiltons, April Fools’ Day, Violent People, The Thompsons, The Holy Ghost People, Raised by Wolves, Beginner’s Guide to Snuff, The Night Watchmanand Starlight The screenplay was written by David Calvert. The producers are Jeffrey Allard, Mitchell Altieri, Phil Flores and Joel Pincosy. To our knowledge, the film has not premiered at any film festivals. Brainstorm Media is a Butcher Brothers Consumed The film will be released in select theaters in the United States and will also be available on VOD. August 16, 2024 This summer. scared?


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