Sharwari’s jaw-dropping transformation from Munni to Munjya

BTS Alert: Jaw-dropping transformation of Sharwari from Munni to Munjya

Picture Instagrammed by Sharwari. (Courtesy: Sharvari)

New Delhi:

Sharwari Waugh is riding high on success morning. Directed by Aditya Sarpotadar and released on June 7, the film stars Abhay Verma and Mona Singh in lead roles. On Wednesday, Sharvari, who portrays Bela in the horror-comedy, shared some behind-the-scenes moments from the sets. morning In the video, Sharvari is also seen discussing her experience. At the beginning of the clip, we see Sharvari in a spineless avatar. She is ready for scenes where her character is possessed by a demon. Reflecting on the challenging role, Sharvari said, “I was very excited, it was exciting and definitely challenging but the first day I had to walk on the set I was a ball of nervous energy. morning Because when Munjya took physical form it was supposed to be mine, but it was a challenging time – I mean, it was a great experience.

He continued, “I had to scare people but make them laugh at the same time, which was the most challenging part of the role but seeing all the reactions I was getting from the audience. I am so overwhelmed and so grateful. “

Moments later, the video takes us to the make-up room, where Sharwari Wagh Transforms into Munja. He explained the extensive process, “When the Munjya prosthetics were going on, it used to take me 5 hours every morning or when the whole prosthetics started coming together it would take me another half hour to remove those whole prosthetics. We had a team of 5 – 6 people who were constantly touching up because there are very fine details that you need to see.

“When I had the Munjya bits in the film, I had no reference as to how my body language should be. Munjaiah that you see in our film is a completely CGI character and it’s not a real person, so when I got hold of Munjaiah the whole idea was we keep the roars real, we keep the face real, we keep the dialogues together. Along with how Munjya speaks and body language, we came up with director Aditya Sir. He and I discussed a lot about body language. We were shooting a lot of videos here and there so that, you know, we would be able to pick a body language and finally be able to carry it forward in the film,” added Sharwari.

In the caption of her Instagram post, Sharwari Waugh wrote, “Munni = Bela = morning First time playing multiple roles in one film and feeling the love you are showering on me and the film! Spilling some (tea emoji) over the best secret Morning! watch morning In theaters today.”

Sharwari Waugh will appear next Veda Along with John Abraham and Tamannaah Bhatia. Directed by Nikhil Advani, the film will hit the big screen on August 15.

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