Trailer for Mormon World War II historical drama “Escape from Germany”

Trailer for Mormon World War II historical drama “Escape from Germany”

July 3, 2024
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Escape from Germany Trailer

“Tell the missionaries to leave!” Samuel Goldwyn Films has released the official trailer for their new World War II historical drama. Escape from GermanyIt was made by a Mormon filmmaker called TC Christensen, and while it’s scheduled for a VOD release in August, it’s unlikely to be worth the rental price. Escape from Germany It tells the story of the retreat of the LDS West German Mission just days before the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939. Hitler’s troops sealed off the border, and 85 (79 in the trailer?) American missionaries were serving the Church in Germany. The escape of these missionaries from Nazi Germany is one of the most dramatic events in modern church history. The last of the missionaries escaped and entered Denmark on August 31. The next day, Germany invaded Poland, and the war began. Paul Wuthrich, David Shawn McConnell, Landon Henneman, Sebastian Barr, Henning Fischer, Kevin Kirschman, Whitney Palmerand Brad WhitbeckEven though it’s a WWII movie with Nazis, this movie is rated PG. Go ahead and watch it, but it should be noted that this is religious propaganda made by Mormons to support their church.

Check out TC Christensen’s official trailer (+ poster) here Escape from GermanyDirect Youtube:

Escape from Germany poster

In August 1939, Hitler’s troops rapidly closed the border while 85 American missionaries were serving the Church in Germany. As German military preparations intensified, word came that these LDS missionaries would be quickly removed to safety. This fascinating story, taken from the missionaries’ journals, is a testimony that God does indeed guide and protect His servants, opening doors for them and providing timely inspiration. The tragic escape of these missionaries from Nazi Germany at the start of World War II is one of the most remarkable yet little-known events in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Escape from Germany Directed by American cinematographer/filmmaker T.C. Christensen,Film director Season of the Heart, Bug Off!, Penny Promise, The Pioneer Miracle, 17 Miracles, Deliverance of Ephraim, The Cokeville Miracle, I love Kennedyand The Fighting Preacher The screenplay was also written by TC Christensen and is based on the novel “Main Angel RoundaboutDirected by Terry Borle Montague. Produced by Eric S. Johnston and TC Christensen. Premiered by Goldwyn Films. Escape from Germany Direct-to-VOD distribution begins in the US August 2, 2024 It is scheduled to be released this summer. For more information, please visit the film Official site.


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