The fork on the floor unfolded

After my colleagues and I discussed season 3 of “The Bear” on an episode of the /Film Daily podcast, we received an email from one of our listeners who pointed out that in the 2015 film “Burnt,” starring Bradley Cooper (a film referenced in season 3 of “The Bear”), a fork on the ground is a sign that a Michelin judge is dining in the restaurant. According to that movieMichelin judges placed a fork on the floor to gauge the staff’s attentiveness.

Since “Burnt” came out, this practice has been questioned. “No, they don’t drop a fork or knife on the floor,” Michelin Guide international director Michael Ellis told a Washington news agency called OCCUPATION in 2016. But if the Bradley Cooper photo appears in the season 3 finale of “The Bear” indicates that “The Bear” and “Burnt” actually take place in the same fictional universe, as some have speculated, perhaps there is some truth to this scenario. We know that Richie and the staff were unable to locate the all-important Chicago Tribune reviewer when that person visited the restaurant, so it stands to reason that they might have missed a Michelin judge as well.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that the fork on the floor wasn’t just a random detail Richie noticed, suggesting that the restaurant might be a little sloppy when it comes to service. Let’s say it was actually a Michelin judge who visited The Bear. That would be an incredibly momentous moment for Carmy and the crew, and could be a big part of how next season plays out.

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