KVIFF 2024: Lilja Ingolfsdottir’s ‘Loveable’ takes a fresh look at love

KVIFF 2024: Lilja Ingolfsdottir’s ‘Loveable’ takes a fresh look at love

July 3, 2024

Loveable Review

There are countless movies out there that deal with relationships, marriage, divorce, intimacy, sex, attraction, chemistry, etc. So, to create an entirely new film that portrays modern relationships and the people involved in them in a unique way is quite a challenge. Adorable (originally Elskring) is one of the unique films written and directed by a Norwegian filmmaker. Lilja IngolfsdottirThe film premiered in the Crystal Globe Competition section at the 2024 Karloff Valli Film Festival and I’m so glad I got to see it at the festival. Adorable The film tells the story of Maria and Sigmund, a couple overwhelmed with their four children, jobs and the stress that comes with raising children. Although it is described at the beginning as a divorce film, it is not. Really Divorce Movies ( Marriage Story teeth). Adorable is a fascinating film that follows Maria as she reexamines her life and relationships when faced with the dire threat of divorce, giving her a chance to discover who she really is and what she must fight to move forward happily into the future without plunging into total misery.

This is the first feature film written and directed by Norwegian director Lilja Ingolfsdottir. Adorable Starring a talented actress Helga Glenn Maria. Her husband, Sigmund, is Odgeir Toona strikingly handsome actor who is familiar from other Norwegian films and television. At the beginning of the film, there is a montage sequence in which Maria reminisces about the first time she met him, how she made him fall for her, and how it all worked out. And for a while, everything was perfect. But then time passes and suddenly, it’s not. Maria already has two children from another relationship, and after marrying Sigmund, she has two more children. Adorable The film is not about location or context. It is clearly set in Norway and deals with the Norwegian experience, but does not go into detail about the city or anything else. As their relationship starts to fall apart, the film moves into a divorce story. Maria has to deal with that possible future, which throws her into turmoil. Ultimately, the film becomes an interesting story of self-love, portraying a character who really needs to talk to a therapist but refuses. The film asks what it takes to heal oneself and rediscover what makes one lovable.

Adorable is a great Norwegian drama with beautiful cinematography, a very strong lead actor, an inspiring soundtrack, and a fresh and authentic script. It doesn’t follow the path that many romantic movies follow, where the couple realizes they were never compatible with each other, or the clichéd realization that the perfect couple just needs one or two cheesy scenes to get back together. Instead, the film is primarily about how we all really need therapy, and how often we deny that truth. Maria is a woman who is lucky to have access to therapy, where she is given the chance to learn, grow, and find strength again. She is also lucky to have good people around her who help her get through this tumultuous time in her life. I really appreciate a good movie that doesn’t cut corners or get overly melodramatic in dealing with complex situations. do Repairing relationships with the loved ones in your life requires work on yourself, you can’t always blame others, it’s not a question of male or female, it’s a lesson everyone can learn.

There are moments where it’s clear that both of the lead actors are “acting” the scene, but also when they truly believe in their feelings. In some scenes, it feels like they’re digging deep into their own true experiences to make the moment feel more real. Maria’s scene towards the end is just amazing to watch as she (beautifully and accurately portrayed) deals with an overwhelming collection of emotions while trying to communicate her feelings to someone she cares about. It’s one of the best scenes in the entire movie and it brings the whole story together. It’s moments like these that make the movie truly meaningful and impactful, and I hope we can all feel that. Love Through movies like this one, we can gain a deeper understanding. Adorable It’s a beautiful example of the power of film to show us beauty. and The pain of humanity.

Alex’s KVIFF 2024 rating: 8 out of 10
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