Divya Dutta on Veer-Zaara co-star Shah Rukh Khan: "He is such a ladies man"

Shahrukh Khan fully deserves the title of a true gentleman. The actor is known for his kindness and sweet gestures towards his industry colleagues. Recently, Divya Dutta opened up about how she once visited the sets of Shah Rukh Khan’s film.Dil SecAnd expressed her desire to be a part of the film. Directed by Mani Ratnam,Dil SecAlso appeared Manisha Koirala In a leading role. He recalled the incident that happened during the interview Siddharth Kannan, Divya Dutta said, “I wanted to do a film, and Shah Rukh and I had the same manager at the time. He suggested that I appear on the set and ask him to get Mani Ratnam’s number. I didn’t have a mobile then, so I got down at Connaught Place as I was told and watched them shoot that chase scene from the sidelines. Thousands of people gathered to have Shahrukh’s darshan, there was not an inch of standing space…”

Divya Dutta also shared that she felt there was no chance to meet due to the huge crowd Shah Rukh Khan. Just as she was about to leave, someone led her through the crowd towards a parked car, which turned out to be SRK’s makeshift vanity van. “He opened the door for me and held my hand… He was such a ladies’ man. He asked how he could help, and I told him I really wanted to do the film. He asked me if I wanted some coffee and said he would convey my message to Mani Ratnam. ‘I That’s all I can do,’ he said. The crowd was outside screaming his name and shaking the car…” said Divya Dutta.

Divya Dutta managed to meet Mani RatnamWho said you can’t cast Manisha Koirala in a movie because she looks so much like her? Later they met Shah Rukh Khan again while working togetherVeer-Jara. This time, SRK went out of his way to help her understand the camera angles. Divya Dutta told King Khan that “I’m not going to be on every set, you have to learn to take care of yourself”.

inVeer-Jara, Divya Dutta plays Shabbo, Zara’s (Preity Zinta) friend. The 2004 film featured Rani Mukerji and Amitabh Bachchan in lead roles.

In additionVeer-JaraDivya Dutta and Shah Rukh Khan worked togetherBadshah, Shakti: The PowerAndSilsilai.

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