Why Juhi Chawla missed Kolkata Knight Riders team meetings in Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat

Why Juhi Chawla missed Kolkata Knight Riders team meetings in Shah Rukh Khan's Mannat

Photo of Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla together. (Courtesy: Pooja Dadlani)

New Delhi:

Juhi Chawla and Shah Rukh Khan BFFs are goals. No proof needed, please. Both are co-owners of Indian Premier League franchise Kolkata Knight Riders. Juhi’s husband Jay Mehta is also one of the owners. Recently, the actress opened up about the time she stopped attending KKR meetings. “Shah Rukh was busy during the day. As he was very busy, our meetings were scheduled at 10 pm. They used to start at 11pm. Then everyone was talking for a while so by the time the meeting started it was 12-12:30 and I started sleeping in the meeting. After 2-3 meetings, I stopped attending. I said you guys do it, I won’t come,” he was quoted as saying Indian Express.

When asked what made him buy a team in the IPL, Juhi Chawla Lalit Modi (founder of IPL) said he wanted a “glamorous” owner. The actress added, “Lalit [Modi] The owners wanted us to be glamorous people and they came to us and said, Shahrukh and you be one of the owners of the team. At that time, I thought in India, cricket and the film industry, two of the most popular things, I thought how good it would be if we were a part of cricket.

Juhi Chawla, during the same conversation, said that she and Shah Rukh Khan I had no idea about running a cricket franchise. “We didn’t know anything about running a cricket franchise. So I remember going to Shah Rukh Khan’s house for meetings, (from) putting together the jingle, thinking about what uniform he would have, everything was done at home,” he said.

Juhi Chawla added that she was not happy with the black and gold KKR jersey. She said, “He made it black and gold and I wasn’t happy with it. I said, ‘What’s this black and gold?’ Because black color is considered inauspicious.

Has worked in several films including Juhi Chawla and Shah Rukh Khan Dr And Nor Swami.

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