“Recitation of mantras combined with the sound of Azaan”

New video from Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal's wedding celebrations: 'Recitation of mantras with Azaan sound'

Sonakshi shared this picture. (Courtesy: Sonakshi Sinha)

New Delhi:

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal wedding The festivities aren’t over yet and we’re not complaining about that. After Sonakshi and Zaheer’s simple wedding, their common friend Prachi Mishra Raghavendra shared a video on her Instagram feed. The video starts with Sonakshi saying her wedding vows. The video then transitions to the reception party, where the newlyweds are seen ruling the dance floor with their friends. Prachi Mishra Raghavendra wrote a long note summarizing her feelings. He wrote, “In an age where every detail of the big day is outsourced. We got a surprise in the form of a voice message and a video call, both of which the callers (now husband and wife) pointed out were Sona and Zaheer. We had a ladke wale before the wedding and a ladki wale during the celebrations (we said our Changed parties! Too often)!”

Prachi continued, “The media had its fair share of speculations but our blockbuster couple remained unaffected and focused on how all their guests felt at home. The wedding began with a civil ceremony following the Hindu tradition of Kanyadana (parents of the bride give away their daughter to the groom) when the chanting of mantras was divinely combined with the sound of azaan from the mosque. The ceremony became more sacred.

He signed the post with these words, “Love Conquers All” just read and heard but watching you made us believe it too. We are grateful to be a part of this. Wishing you both a very happy and blissful life together. May God protect you both from all Buri Nazar!” Watch the video here:

Sonakshi and Zaheer registered their marriage under A special wedding ceremony took place on June 23 at the actress’s Bandra apartment. Later, he organized a big party for his friends and families at Dadar’s Bastion. Sonakshi Sinha shared the wedding pictures and wrote a note. It reads, “Seven years ago (23.06.2017) in each other’s eyes, we saw love in its purest form and decided to hold on to it. Today that love has guided us through all the challenges and triumphs. .. leading to this moment… where both of us With the blessings of both our Gods… we are now man and wife, so far love, hope and everything is beautiful,” Sonakshi added in the post, “Married to Zaheer. 23.06.2024” Sonakshi wore her mother’s vintage saree and jewellery. Take a look:

Sonakshi and Zaheer also starred in the film Double XL and a music video titled Blockbuster.

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