Lynne Ramsay begins filming ‘Die My Love’ next month with Jennifer Lawrence

Lynne Ramsay has only directed four feature films in the past 25 years, so any new movie from her is sure to be a big hit. You weren’t really hereThe director has at least five potential projects in the works, and with a summer production date set in Canada, it looks like one might finally be moving forward.

Adaptation of Ariana Hurwitz’s 2019 novel Die, my loveThe film, which follows a mother struggling with mental illness and trying to maintain her sanity in a remote rural setting, has been confirmed to be shooting in Alberta, Canada from August to October. Calgary Herald And that Directors Guild of CanadaFor now, Jennifer Lawrence is the only one attached to lead the project, but more casting news is expected to be announced soon. Die, my love This marks Lawrence’s first project since last summer’s comedy I hold no grudge.

“This is about mental health and marriage breakdown.” Said Ramsay said last year: “But it’s really funny, at least I think it’s funny… but I’m from Glasgow. [got] A really dark sense of humour.” Book Overview Below we compare it with the work of John Cassavetes, David Lynch, Lars von Trier and John Ford.

In a forgotten corner of the French countryside, a woman is battling her own demons: accepting alienation yet longing to belong, craving freedom yet feeling trapped, longing for family life yet wanting to burn the whole house down at the same time. Her family is surprisingly tolerant of her increasingly erratic behavior, yet she feels increasingly suffocated and oppressed; motherhood, femininity, the banality of love, the horror of desire, the inexplicable cruelty of “another who will forever bear my heart.” Die, my love It confronts all of this with raw intensity. if It will reach a breaking point, but rather when And how violent will it be?

This is a brutal and savage book, and it is impossible to come away from reading Ariana Hurwitz’s work unscathed. Die, my love It cuts with the sharpness of a scalpel, while exuding a certain cinematic brilliance reminiscent of John Cassavetes, David Lynch, Lars von Trier and John Ford. In a text that explores the destabilizing effects of passion and its absence, Hurwitz molds language and bends it to his will in irreverent prose, immersing himself in the mind of a female protagonist constantly on the brink of madness in the tradition of Sylvia Plath and Clarice Lispector. Poignant and confrontational, yet underpinned by an unrelenting beauty and lyricism, Hurwitz Die, my love It’s a unique reading experience that will instantly grab your attention.

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