Full trailer for Midnight Taxi, a mystery thriller starring Ladi Emeruwa

Full trailer for Midnight Taxi, a mystery thriller starring Ladi Emeruwa

July 2, 2024
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Midnight Taxi Trailer

“There are moments when I don’t know if I’m awake or asleep.” BritFlicks is a British indie mystery thriller film Late-night taxiIt follows London’s black cab drivers and is scheduled for release on VOD in late July this summer, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested. Late-night taxiSleepwalking taxi driver Edith Carter must navigate London’s seedy underworld to solve murders and prove his innocence. Directed by filmmakers Bertie and Samantha Spears, Ladi Emeruwa As Eddie, Charlotte Priceand Eddie Eyrethis thriller movie takes the audience into the hidden darkness of the city at night. “Don’t miss this suspenseful tale of mystery and self-discovery,” they say. Is it entertaining? It may not be the best taxi thriller movie, but it does have an intriguing story of a seemingly innocent taxi driver who becomes increasingly tired and loses his mind. Check it out below:

Check out the official trailer (+ poster) for Bertie and Samantha Spears here Late-night taxiDirect Youtube:

Midnight Taxi Trailer

Driving a black cab night after night is a quiet and simple life for Eddie Carter (Ladi Emeruwa), but when construction work next door disrupts his daytime sleep schedule, the night shift requires more coffee and the fatigue builds up. One night, after pulling over for a break, he wakes up to a horrifying situation: the body of a murdered woman in front of his taxi. After this grisly discovery, he tries to move past the scene, but fatigue gets to him. The next night, he wakes up from a dream about the murder scene and finds that his childhood sleepwalking has begun again. He panics as he realizes he may have been involved in the woman’s murder. Late-night taxi Written, directed and produced by the filmmaker Bertie Spears & Samantha SpearsBoth of them made their feature film directorial debut with this film. As far as I know, the film hasn’t premiered at any film festivals. It will be released by BritFlicks. Late-night taxi Direct-to-VOD distribution begins in the US July 23, 2024.


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