Full Trailer for Gonzo Home Invasion Thriller Comedy Crumb Catcher

Full Trailer for Gonzo Home Invasion Thriller Comedy Crumb Catcher

July 2, 2024
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Crumb Catcher Trailer

“I want you to take a journey… a journey into the future.” Music Box Films has dropped yet another official trailer for their quirky indie dark comedy. Breadcrumb CatcherThe film will be released in arthouse theaters in late July. It premiered at Fantastic Fest 2023 last year and also screened at Woodstock and the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. A newlywed couple is held captive in a secluded lakeside home by a maniacally optimistic inventor and his spiteful wife, desperate to raise funds for his dream project with a half-baked blackmail scheme. Rigo Garay, Ella Rae Peck, Lorraine Farisand John Speredakos“Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Picks is a wacky home invasion thriller that shatters the American Dream. Breadcrumb Catcher is Chris Scotchdepole’s impressive directorial debut. Armed with his own priceless design and with his surly wife Rose at his side, John insists the couple listen to his pitch. And he won’t take “no” for an answer. Ha! This sounds weird, strange and definitely very creepy. Film festival reviews call it “a funny, weird, uncomfortable and absolutely embarrassing film in every way.” Ok, of course I’m interested…

Check out the final official trailer (+ poster) for Chris Scotch-Pole Breadcrumb CatcherDirect Youtube:

Breadcrumb Catcher Poster

You can see it again Festival Trailer Scotch Paul’s Breadcrumb Catcher hereanother first look.

“Everyone has a world-changing invention in their mind… Breadcrumb CatcherA revolutionary device that will never let a waiter’s interruption ruin your dinner conversation. In a secluded mansion in upstate New York, newlyweds Leah (Ella Rae Peck) and Shane (Rigo Garay) are celebrating their honeymoon, but their marriage is in tatters. Leah works at a publishing company that is set to publish her debut novel, an autobiographical account of family trauma, alcoholism, and the immigrant experience. The barely contained tensions around the family trauma are enough to ignite an explosion, but their new marriage is truly put to the test with the arrival of John (John Speredakos) and Rose (Lorraine Faris), two eccentrics with entrepreneurial spirits and a half-baked blackmail scheme. They are now looking for investors for John’s latest invention, the “Crum Catcher,” a culinary breakthrough, but they won’t take “no” for an answer.

Breadcrumb Catcher Directed by an indie film director Chris Scotch-PaulAfter working on a number of short films, this will be his directorial debut with a feature film. The screenplay was also written by Scotchdpole, with a story by Scotchdpole, Larry Fessenden and Rigo Garay. Producers are Brian Devine, Larry Fessenden, Chad Herbold, Chris Scotchdpole, James W. Scotchdpole and Bonnie Timmerman. Fantastic Fest 2023 It was shown at several other festivals last year and elsewhere. Music Box Films is a Scotch Paul film company. Breadcrumb Catcher In select US theaters July 19, 2024For more information, Official site.


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