Cobra Kai Season 6 Trailer Teases Daniel and Johnny’s Fragile Alliance

We’ve seen Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) become friends at least once in every single season of “Cobra Kai”, as the two rivals realize they have more in common than they think, all before a silly misunderstanding has them wanting to wipe each other out. Having two hot-headed senseis, plus all their students who have spent the last five seasons terrorizing each other and committing assassination attempts on each other, doesn’t make for easy alliances.

It doesn’t help that the season 6 trailer reveals the return of an old foe, with John Kreese now having found himself some new pupils to bring into the tournament. What new dirty tricks will he pull? And most importantly, what the hell did Mr. Miyagi have buried in his backyard that Daniel didn’t know about until now?

We’ll find out when “Cobra Kai” returns to the dojo with the first five episodes of season six, coming to Netflix on July 18, 2024. Here’s the synopsis for the final season:

After the elimination of Cobra Kai from the Valley, our sensei and students must decide if and how to compete in the Sekai Taikai, the world karate championship.

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