An actor from The Boys was recast and fans were left feeling totally missed

“The Boys” was Parker Corno’s first professional credit, with IMDb listing his only other credits as “Dutch Kid #1” in the 2019 show “Impulse” and the role of “Young David Arnold” in the 2022 film “Burden.” That’s to say, his acting resume doesn’t allow for a strong showcase of his potential talent and given the increased presence of Ryan Butcher in later seasons, the actor who played him had to have some serious acting chops. Corno may be a very talented young actor, but without a resume that showed he could really handle the material, the creative team behind “The Boys” probably needed to look to someone with more experience.

Enter: Cameron Crovetti.

While Crovetti looks a lot more like Shantel VanSanten’s Becca than Antony Starr’s Homelander, he does have an impressive resume. Before joining “The Boys” in 2020, Crovetti had some high-profile credits to his name, and those have only grown in the years since. He and his brother Nicholas played twins Josh and Max Wright on the HBO series “Big Little Lies,” something the pair would do again as twins Elias and Lukas in the American remake of the Austrian horror film “Goodnight Mommy.” He’s clearly very comfortable working in genres that boast violence, angst, and buckets of blood.

Ryan Butcher is one of the most challenging roles on “The Boys,” as the teenager navigates superpowers he never knew he had, the realization that his father is the most powerful man on Earth, and, at the end of season two, Ryan accidentally kills his mother Becca with his uncontrolled heat ray vision while trying to protect her from the far-right Supe, Stormfront. These are seriously intense, emotionally challenging situations that require a very talented young actor to pull off. Crovetti was the right choice, even though he looks a far cry from Corno.

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