The Stargate co-creator thought Zat weapons were stupid and regretted certain death

In the photo above you can see a zat gun in action and perhaps understand Wright’s point. When asked what his biggest regret about “Stargate” was, Wright simply replied: “Zat guns. Just stupid.” Guns and more fantasy weapons like the Phasers from “Star Trek”., are generally designed to rest ergonomically in the hand, allowing the user to extend the arm naturally, hold it up with another hand if necessary, and look down the weapon’s sights. Such weapons are then operated by pulling a trigger or pressing a button with the thumb; Phasers work much like modern remote controls.

In contrast, zat guns are held delicately like a scanner, with the body of the weapon extending from the hand. Such a design would only place an excessive burden on the user’s extended arm. It would also make it incredibly difficult to look down and aim, forcing the user to hold it in a very specific way. To the designer’s credit, the zat guns were designed by an alien species and not intended for use by human hands, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t look silly on screen.

The “one, two, three” rule also seemed a bit arbitrary. Why incorporate a “disintegrate” setting, when a kill setting already exists? I guess the alien designers of zat’nik’tel felt that one shot was a warning and the second shot meant something serious. The third, I assume, is reserved for killers who don’t want to worry about cleaning up the body afterwards.

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