Godzilla’s new look in Godzilla x Kong explained

The evolution Wingard mentions happens after Godzilla decides he needs to charge up for the upcoming climactic battle. To do so, he travels to the underwater lair of the titan Tiamat. After a fight, Godzilla kills Tiamat and then lies down for a nap in the monster’s bright, radioactive cave. There, Godzilla absorbs the radiation and when he finally emerges, he has a new glow and overall new appearance. He is thinner, more muscular and, most exciting of all, has pink scales on his back.

As Wingard further explains: “His head is bigger, he’s got these spikes on his elbows that unfortunately we don’t use in the movie, but they look really cool.” “Looking good” seems to be the ultimate goal of “Godzilla x Kong,” a film that features a scene in which a group of giant monsters fight each other while flipping around in zero gravity. As for those pink scales, they have a pretty funny explanation. As Wingard says: “Pink and blue are my favorite colors, so it was natural to push Godzilla in that direction.”

So there you have it: Godzilla has a new look partly because pink is one of Adam Wingard’s favorite colors. Wingard then sums things up well: “Literally, Godzilla sheds his skin, becomes a new thing in this movie… I’ve always wanted to be on the edge, and the new design of Godzilla does that.”

“Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” is now available on Digital, 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD.

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