First trailer for Natalie Portman’s thriller series ‘Lady in the Lake’

First trailer for Natalie Portman’s thriller series ‘Lady in the Lake’

June 18, 2024
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Lady in the Lake series trailer

“My wife is many things, but there is one thing she is not: stupidity.” What’s in store? Apple TV has released the official trailer for its new noir thriller mystery series. Lady of the LakeComing out this summer, it’s another true crime series that’ll have you glued to the screen trying to figure out who killed who. Not to be confused with the 1946 film noir classic. Lady of the Lakethis is (new) Book of the same nameIn 1960s Baltimore, an investigative journalist investigating an unsolved murder clashes with a woman working to advance the agenda of the city’s black community. The protagonist leaves behind her doting husband and her big house in Pikesville to pursue a career as a newspaper reporter, and she becomes obsessed with solving the mystery of two separate murders: that of 11-year-old Tessie Fine and bartender Cleo Sherwood. Natalie Portman, Moses Ingram, Ilan Noel, Mikey Madison, Shawn Ringgold, Brett Gelman, Noah Jupe, Mike EppsFrom a visionary director Alma Harrell, Lady of the Lake A frenetic noir thriller and an unexpected story about the price women pay for their dreams, it’s well worth a watch.

Check out the official trailer (plus poster) for the Apple TV series here Lady of the LakeDirect Youtube:

Lady of the Lake Poster

When a young girl disappears in Baltimore City on Thanksgiving Day in 1966, the lives of two women collide in a deadly way. Maddie Schwartz (Natalie Portman) is a Jewish housewife trying to leave her secret past behind to reinvent herself as an investigative reporter. Cleo Johnson (Moses Ingram) is a mother trying to navigate the political underbelly of Baltimore’s black community while struggling to provide for her family. Their two very different lives seemingly run parallel, but when Maddie becomes obsessed with Cleo’s mysterious death, a rift opens up that puts everyone around them at risk… Lady of the Lake is a series produced by a famous film director. Alma Harrell,Film director Honey Boy and Shadow Kingdomincluding documentary films Bombay Beach, Love True, 16/8/11Written by Alma Harrell, Brianna Belser, Nambi E. Kelly, Boaz Yakin, and Sheila Wilson. The novel of the same name The series was written by Laura Lippman. All episodes are directed by Alma Har’el. Executive producers are Har’el, Christopher Leggett, Natalie Portman, Sophie Masse, Nathan Ross, Jean-Marc Vallee, Julie Gardner, Amy Kaufman, Raine Eskridge, Boaz Yakin and Laura Lippman. Apple Lady of the Lake Streaming Launching on Apple TV+ July 19, 2024 It’s getting closer.


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