Bobby Deol on the dark reality of Bollywood: “Everybody brainwashed you”

Bobby Deol on the dark reality of Bollywood: 'Everyone brainwashes you'

Bobby Deol shared this picture. (Courtesy: Babidiol )

New Delhi:

Bobby Deol is always vocal when he talks about his struggles in the film industry. Recently, the actor made a strong comeback the animal, spoke about the dark reality of Bollywood. In conversation with Zoom inHe said, “Sometimes you get lost, sometimes because of all the way the industry reacts to you, you choose the easier and safer way to move forward. You don’t want to take challenges, you don’t want to put yourself in situations that are out of your comfort zone, because somewhere everybody will brainwash you. But that’s what happens.” It’s sad for the actors.

During the same chat, Bobby Deol He also shared how he managed to get through the tough times. The actor shared, “And I luckily realized that and I wanted to get out of it. And a lot of actors try to do it, but they still couldn’t manage it. But I have. And now everything has changed. The OTT platform gives every actor a chance to try different types of roles.” I hope that after people see it, they will notice that there is a side of them that they enjoy doing because they never got a chance to show that side of themselves as an actor.”

Bobby Deol talked about how movies are made to make a profit. He said, “Choices are a very difficult thing to make, and you tend to believe something, and then you get disappointed by the writer or the director and or the producer. You know, they don’t want to make movies. As a creative satisfaction. They just want to make table profits and things like that. So I think everything that happened in those days is changing now and when people start believing and you know it’s a good time for changes. But our industry needs to make different kind of films with their heart and not use the way of taking safe advertisements as I said, you know, make these kinds of films. Because they used to work, but they don’t work anymore.”

Next, he has lined up several projects including Bobby Deol CangvaHari Hara Veera Mallu, NBK109, And hut

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