Michael Myers’ admirer head tilt was John Carpenter’s idea

Michael’s murder of Bob, and his head tilt, is the scene where he is most human AND inhuman; inhuman because of his above-average strength (he lifts Bob with only one hand), human because for once he doesn’t react to his actions like a robot programmed only to stab.

In 2018, ahead of David Gordon Green’s “Halloween” sequel (where Castle returned as the Shadow), the actor discussed the head-tilt moment with Entertainment weekly. Castle said it was all John Carpenter’s idea and he only learned about it while they were filming:

“John had me stand up and look at the character, and I was behind the mask, and as the camera was rolling he said, ‘Okay, tilt your head to the right, now tilt your head to the left.’ I had no idea what he was trying to achieve until I saw the film and said, ‘Oh, that’s cool, it looks like I’m admiring my kill.’ That was John’s innate talent, to have that idea.”

In a “Halloween” commentary track recorded with Curtis, Carpenter describes Michael’s head tilt as similar to how one might “look at a stuck butterfly”, while Curtis compares it to how a hungry dog ​​moves its head.

Rob Zombie’s 2007 remake of “Halloween” (which we’ve argued in the past was underrated) changes the location of Bob’s (Nick Mennell) death to a stairwell, but the shooting sequence is nearly identical and Michael (Tyler Mane) still tilts his head toward the corpse. With a small but significant difference, however, the low angle shot makes it more difficult to notice the tilt of the head compared to the original.

Nobody makes a movie like John Carpenter does.

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