The first season of Voyager never had a proper ending

“Star Trek: Voyager,” it should be noted, began with a truncated season of just 15 episodes. Most ‘Star Trek’ shows pre-stream it broadcast 26 episodes per season. At the time it was considered very common (at least among Trekkies) to have so few Treks at one time. “Voyager” was the flagship series of UPN, a network that launched at the same time as the then-new show “Star Trek,” and it seemed like the network had much more control over how the series was presented. “Voyager” co-creator and writer Jeri Taylor recalled working on four additional episodes for the first season, only to learn that UPN had decided to hold them back for season 2:

“It’s very important to note that we didn’t hold back any of the episodes, UPN did. […] It’s important that people start to understand that at this point there is a significant difference between the network and the studio. The studio produces the television series, and the network buys and handles it as it would any other studio. The network has control over when and how to schedule episodes. We, Paramount and the studio disagreed with the decision to withhold the episodes, but it was right for UPN to do so.”

UPN had a reason to schedule “Voyager” that way, but it didn’t make sense to Taylor. In fact, Taylor hated the decision to end the first season with “Learning Curve.” Not because of the content of the episode, but because it would take four more weeks, the network would need to lean on reruns.

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