Sonam: “Extremely hard work” on father Anil Kapoor taking over as Bigg Boss OTT 3 host

Sonam on father Anil Kapoor taking over as Bigg Boss OTT 3 host: 'Extremely hard work'

Anil Kapoor shared this picture. (Courtesy: Anil Kapoor)

New Delhi:

Bigg Boss OTT is back with a new season. Third season Bigg Boss OTT A veteran actor creating buzz with a fresh twist Anil Kapoor Salman Khan took over as the new host. Recently, Sonam Kapoor cried her “dear father.” Sharing the promo on her Instagram story, the actress captioned it, “He has the most talented, hardworking and handsome man!”

The makers announced the news by dropping the first promo of the show on Friday. In the promo, a man is seen walking confidently wearing red shoes, interspersed with nostalgic clips from the previous seasons of the show. Suddenly, the man, no one else Anil Kapoor, breaking the sequence with a sharp whistle, exclaiming “Kursi manga re… (bring a chair)”. The moment transitions seamlessly into a voiceover saying “Kuch karte hai na zakaas”, prompting Anil Kapoor to respond, “Bahaut hogaya re zakaas, karte hai na kuch aur khaas”. The teaser concludes by announcing the show’s streaming debut in June. However, the exact premiere date is still under wraps.

Jio Cinema’s official Instagram handle shared the first promo. The caption read, “New host for Bigg Boss OTT new season. Aur Bigg Boss ki tarha, inki awaaz hai kafi hai. PS – No prizes for guessing #BiggBossOTT3 coming this June on JioCinema Premium.”

For hosting baton Bigg Boss OTT It has seen a dynamic change in its seasons. It was initially hosted by Karan Johar in its debut season, followed by Salman Khan in the second season. Originally scheduled for a May premiere, the show was delayed by a month. This delay led to Salman Khan dropping out due to scheduling conflicts.

With the season set to begin in June, anticipation is high as Anil Kapoor gears up to add his own charm to the show. Along with Anil Kapoor’s first hosting, reports suggest that popular stars Shivangi Joshi and Shafaq Naaz are being considered for entry. Bigg Boss OTT the house

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