Return to Silent Hill Draw from Silent Hill 2 (The best video game)

In a “Silent Hill Broadcast” news update video, Konami has shared an exclusive first look at “Return to Silent Hill,” along with a new interview with Gans, who revealed that “Return” will be heavily based on the video game “Silent Hill 2.” He explained that he considers the first four games “masterpieces” and that he is excited to adapt the “more adult” chapter of the franchise, saying:

“It’s the story of James Sunderland. He has lost his beloved bride and decides to return to Silent Hill to find her. And he realizes that, fundamentally, the city has changed. It has become something similar to hell, his own hell And he’s going through all the circles of hell to find his wife and also find, somewhere, the truth about himself. This film adds an emotional layer to the horror, and certainly because of that the horror is even more disturbing. even more disturbing. . I think the first film was like an epic horror journey. This is much more like a deep dive into psychological horror.

Many of the monsters shown in the first two “Silent Hill” films, such as Pyramid Head and the faceless nurses, are actually supposed to be aspects of James’ tortured psyche present in the games, which made their absence and their inclusion a real critical point for players. some fans of the game. His joining the “Silent Hill” cinematic universe. it will give Gans the opportunity to potentially fix some mistakes, story-wise, and give fans what they’ve always wanted.

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