New Exorcist director Mike Flanagan is ‘terrified’ to tackle horror classic

“The franchise has had its ups and downs,” Flanagan noted. He added: “I would say the show is one of the ‘best’ in a big way, and I thought it was just brilliant.” The director was quick to thank The TV series “The Exorcist” by Jeremy Slater, which lasted only two seasons but served as a direct sequel to Friedkin’s film. When another panelist mentioned Ben Daniels’ performance as the series’ lead character, Flanagan called him “fantastic”. The director also saw the show as a prime example of a complicated kind of sequel, the sort of thing that doesn’t always connect with horror fans. “Let’s talk about how to make a legacy sequel, because damn, it worked,” he explained.

Flanagan went on to recommend both William Peter Blatty’s “The Exorcist” sequel novel, “Legion” (“If you’ve never read Blatty’s novel ‘Legion,’ it’s phenomenal”) and “The Exorcist III” (he says “the scare in the corridors is perhaps the biggest ever”). Despite his obvious love for the franchise, the director also wryly acknowledged that not every “Exorcist” film is a success. “With ‘The Exorcist,’ there’s a lot of pressure but luckily there are a lot of bodies on the field of people who stepped on landmines —” he began to joke, and the audience’s laughter drowned out the supposed punchline about the “The Exorcist” failed. ” the plans warn him where not to step.

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