Most of the Coherence audience probably didn’t take this lead to any clues

We learn about the concept of the door to nowhere early in the film from Elizabeth Gracen’s character, Beth, who says it was part of Feng shui and a vortex of bad energy. If you look closely throughout the film, the door – which, as the name suggests, goes nowhere – is used by several characters who definitely shouldn’t be in the house.

As Byrkit explained, when the characters Hugh (Hugo Armstrong) and Amir (Alex Manugian) leave the house and take the box with them, they walk out that door into nowhere and “put an oven mitt in [the box]”, that’s because, as we learn near the end of the film, this is the home of the oven mitts, which the characters Emily (Emily Foxler), Kevin (Maury Sterling) and Laurie (Lauren Maher) don’t realize. “If they would have just looked at the table and said, ‘Why is there an oven mitt here instead of a ping pong paddle?’ It would have gone very differently, but they didn’t,” Byrkit noted. “They didn’t they did it. notice it, and the actors didn’t either.'”

Over the course of the film, we learn that there are “good” and “bad” versions of the characters, and those who enter through the door that leads nowhere are all bad, which makes this a great clue as to what’s going on. When we hear Hugh knocking on the door, it’s our first clue that he’s not what he seems. Likewise, our Emily uses that door at the end of the film to kill her doppelganger and steal her place in a different reality. Beth was right and anyone near the door has bad energy and is someone with unresolved issues.

Before the surprise follow-up to “Coherence” should rewatch the original film with this in mind.

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