Kurt Russell’s dedication to Santa Claus in The Christmas Chronicles is unparalleled

Kurt Russell has played some truly iconic characters in extremely popular films – and it doesn’t count how George Lucas wanted him to play Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. So it may seem a little strange that Russell went all out for Santa. Except he’s been pretty open about how important it was to play Santa Claus.

Talking with GQ Regarding his most iconic roles, Russell explained how much Santa Claus means to him. “Santa Claus is one of my all-time favorite characters,” he said. “He was so big in our family, that my father presented him as a mystery.” He also called Santa Claus “a holy, sweet, wonderful man who is a real person. He’s not a cartoon character.”

Recently, on Conan O’Brien podcasts to promote his role in “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters”, Russell was asked what his most important role was, the one he follows the most. Is this a Tarantino film? Plissken Snake? No, Santa Claus. “The greatest one I’ve ever had is Santa Claus,” Russell said. “Everyone saw it. It was really fun to do. It was something I’ve always wanted to do. It was pretty fun to go from Snake to Santa Claus.”

The thought of Kurt Russell who considered playing Santa Claus his greatest achievement, no kicking Elvis in the chin or also playing Elvis in a film directed by John Carpenter, it’s baffling and incredibly delicious. More than anything, it’s a true Christmas miracle.

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