In a violent nature the killings were carried out by horror genius Steven Kostanski

In a recent interview with The AV Club, Kostanski said he and Nash had been friends for years in the Toronto film and FX scene, and Nash had also done some creature effects on “Psycho Goreman,” including “applying PG makeup, costumes, gags and stuff type”. Nash came up with the idea for “In A Violent Nature” while working on set, and soon after, producers Shannon Hanmer and Peter Kuplowsky were on board to make the film, pitching it to everyone’s favorite horror streaming platform, Shudder.

As I learned from my interview with Nash, “In A Violent Nature” had to do it resume its first four weeks of production, which meant Kostanski was on set at multiple production points. He sculpted the different aspects of the film’s slasher character, Johnny, and provided all the actors’ live models for the absolutely brutal kills. Lest we forget, this is a movie that was reportedly causing audience members in the theater to vomitso you know what the effects look like Well. For all the discussion there has been about the arthouse approach to slasher cinema for much of the time, “In A Violent Nature” never forgets that this slasher needs some jaw-dropping kill sequences. For the film’s most savage kill (which I’ll kindly call “The Death of the Yoga Girl” to avoid spoilers), Kostanski and the rest of the SFX team made multiple replicas of the victim’s body to ensure the kill looked the absolute best. Kostanski was unfortunately not on set on the day of filming due to reshoots shifting the schedule, but he still provided much of the gag material to help execute it.

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