The Acolyte’s lightsaber battles caused destruction behind the scenes

This is far from uncommon when making a “Star Wars” project. For the most part, the actors behave the way you would imagine anyone being able to use “real” lightsabers or blasters in the world: you break a lot of them as they play and make noises. Giancarlo Esposito may not have played a Jedi, but he got to play with the Darksaber, and even break enough of them to reduce the production to a single prop absolutely necessary for a scene.

Then there was Ewan McGregor. The actor didn’t break the lightsaber props (although the lightsaber’s metal blades continually bent during the making of the prequel trilogy), but he had the habit of creating sound effects with your lightsaber while shooting, and not only during the prequel trilogy when he was younger, but also during the more recent “Obi-Wan Kenobi” TV show. Honestly, who wouldn’t? “Star Wars” is so full of iconic sounds, which are only added to the film during post-production, so filming a lightsaber duel without sound effects feels like cheating. At that point, who wouldn’t be tempted to make their own lightsaber noises on set?

And it’s not just the lightsabers, but also the blasters. A blaster sounds very different from any gun in the movie, and any kid would tell you that you can’t just pretend to fire a blaster without yelling “pew pew.” Even adults would agree, just ask Laura Dern, who she kept saying “pew pew” so much during the filming of “The Last Jedi” that you can even see her say the words during a scene in the final film.

It is worth rejoicing to become part of the “Star Wars” franchise, as Hayden Christensen reacted to being cast as Anakin by having a lightsaber fight with his roommate.

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