The City of God sequel series will air on HBO

“City of God: The Fight Rages On” will see the return of many cast members from the original film, including Alexandre Rodrigues, Thiago Martins, Roberta Rodrigues, Sabrina Rosa, Kiko Marques and Edson Oliveira. Just like the original film, “The Fight Rages On” will also feature first-time actors from different neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro. “City of God” featured many actors residing in the same favela as the City of God and many first-time actors.

Interestingly, Max’s press release specifies that they will continue to adapt the works of Paulo Lins. The original film, written by Bráulio Mantovani, is adapted from Lins’ 1997 novel of the same name, the plot of which is loosely based on real people and events. Even though Lins didn’t write a direct sequel to “City of God”, he still wrote other books in the same setting and with similar themes, which can make an adaptation easier as they can draw from those books and it would seem at least a little ‘ consistent with the world of the original “City of God”.

Max doesn’t have a specific release date for “City of God: The Fight Rages On,” but the show will premiere in August 2024. Here’s how the show is described by the streamer:

In the original film, the Brazilian saying “if you run, the beast gets you; if you stay, it will eat you” described the City of God as an inescapable place. In the series, the community, plagued by disputes between drug dealers, police and militiamen, presents a perspective of collective resistance, focusing on the lives of its residents.

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