Ricky Kej SLAMS Trevor Noah over Bengaluru’s cancelled shows, says ‘complete disregard….’
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Ricky Kej SLAMS Trevor Noah over Bengaluru’s cancelled shows, says ‘complete disregard….’

Rickey Kej and Trevor Noah
Image Source : PINTEREST Ricky Kej and Trevor Noah

After uproar on social media over his joke on Bengaluru, Trevor Noah has now been schooled by Grammy-winning music composer Ricky Kej. For those who are late to the story, the comedian was in India to perform in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. However, his Bengaluru shows were cancelled at the last moment owing to ‘technical issues.’ Following this, a video went viral from his Mumbai show where he was seen mocking Bengaluru and poor management at the venue.

Amidst the ongoing criticism, Ricky Kej slammed Noah and called him out on social media. Taking it to Twitter, now X, Kej wrote, “While I do agree that there were many Event Management related problems in the Bengaluru show for @Trevornoah .. there is something known as a “Soundcheck” and “Venue recce” that every responsible and caring artist caries out before a show.”

Ricky Kej slams Trever Noah

Talking about the disappointed fans, Kej said the comedian never bothered about his ticket-purchasing fans otherwise, he would have arrived early to check the venue. “This is the artists’ responsibility. Every artist/comedian/band has personal sound requirements and preferences.. and to just show up for the event, without even checking your sound is hugely irresponsible. It was the audience that got punished in the process.. audiences that paid money and travelled to experience him,” he tweeted.

Kej also highlighted Noah’s joke on Bengaluru and the comedian should have demanded a better venue and not cancelled the show. “When Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Iron Maiden, Bryan Adams, Metallica, Symphony Orchestras, Russel Peters, etc. have had super successful events in Bengaluru, why is Bengaluru being trashed now,” the musician questioned.

Take a look here:

Ricky Kej replied to Noah’s post on Twitter wherein he shared a glimpse of his India tour. 

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