Tamannaah Bhatia gets irked as fan inquires about her marriage plans
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Tamannaah Bhatia gets irked as fan inquires about her marriage plans

Tamannaah Bhatia
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The relationship between Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay Varma has been a subject of media attention for several months. In June, the actress officially acknowledged her relationship with Vijay, her co-star from Lust Stories 2. She described their connection as natural and referred to him as her source of happiness. However during her recent visit to Chennai, Tamannaah engaged with her fans as part of an event organised by Galatta. While most questions revolved around her career and projects, one fan posed an intrusive question, asking, “when are you planning to get married, and do Tamil guys stand a chance?” Tamannaah displayed her displeasure at the fan’s intrusive query, stating, “Even my parents haven’t asked me this.” When questioned further about finding a suitable partner, she responded that she is content with her current life and stated, “I am very happy in my life right now.”

Expressing her perspective on marriage, the actress shared with India Today back in June, “Marriage represents a significant responsibility. It’s not merely a celebration. It entails substantial effort, much like taking care of a plant, owning a dog, or raising children. Therefore, when you feel prepared and responsible enough for such a vital commitment, you embark on it. It’s not something you do just because it seems like the right time or because everyone else is doing it.”

The actress has delivered remarkable performances in the OTT realm through shows such as “Aakhri Sach” and “Jee Karda.” When discussing her digital journey, she shared with Firstpost, “It would astonish me if I claimed that people do not have opportunities. I’m a Mumbai native who initiated her career at the age of 15, ventured into the South Indian film industry, working in Tamil and Telugu films. Clearly, there’s no predefined rule about where opportunities come from. In the realm of OTT, yes, through various formats, it has allowed us to narrate stories in unique ways. It has provided us with opportunities to delve deeper into our characters. Ultimately, talent always finds its recognition.”

Additionally, a few days ago, Vijay Varma also expressed his irritation when paparazzi posed an inappropriate question to him during his time in the Maldives. They asked, “are you enjoying the ocean in the Maldives?” Vijay appeared visibly annoyed but responded politely, saying, “We shouldn’t talk in this manner.”

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