Noble, My Love to Chicago Typewriter: K-Dramas & Movies for your animal-loving soul
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Noble, My Love to Chicago Typewriter: K-Dramas & Movies for your animal-loving soul

K-Dramas & Movies for your animal-loving soul
Image Source : INSTAGRAM K-Dramas & Movies for your animal-loving soul

Are you one of those people whose heart melts at the sight of cute, furry, or not so furry four-legged creatures in K-dramas? Do you find yourself rooting for the animals, cheering along, and even shedding tears along the way? If the answer is yes, here are six K-dramas and movies which will resonate with your animal-loving soul.

1.My Heart Puppy

“My Heart Puppy” is a sweet and endearing film, which has its paws and heart in the right place. It goes beyond the story of just a man and his best friend to also shed light on the plight of animals who are abandoned, abused, and neglected. Yoo Yeon Seok is at his cutest as Min Soo, and Rooney of course is the star of the show. “My Heart Puppy” will make you laugh, shed a tear, and clap with joy.

2.Once Upon a Small Town

The appeal of “Once Upon A Small Town” lies in its sheer simplicity. It’s like a picture book about life in the countryside where a motley crew of people and animals co-exist, sharing their joys and sorrows. This show will keep you smiling from start to end and is something akin to popping a happy pill.

3.Noble, My Love

“Noble, My Love” is a cute drama. It is a no-fuss, straightforward story, and the chemistry between Sung Hoon and Kim Jae Kyung is electrifying and makes it worth the watch.

4.Hearty Paws 2

The stars of “Hearty Paws 2” are not the human actors but the cute labradors. A family watch for kids and adults, the film keeps up its momentum as you cheer Hearty on in her many adventures.

5.Woof & Meow – Do You Love Me?

“Woof & Meow – Do You Love Me?” is a charming and light-hearted romantic comedy. It’s fun to watch the two leads navigate their feelings, both wishing it could be as uncomplicated as the love they share for animals.

6.Chicago Typewriter

“Chicago Typewriter” switches back and forth between the past and present. It packs in a lot, from love, friendship, betrayal, and how the history of a country shapes its people. With a taut narrative and pitch perfect performances, the animals in Jeon Seol’s clinic bring the much-needed respite.

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