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Oppn INDIA bloc is desperate, its defeat in LS polls certain: BJP | India News

NEW DELHI: The BJP on Friday took a jibe at the Opposition parties’ INDIA bloc meeting, saying that its only takeaway is that they have “formally and politically” accepted their give-and-take principle.
Addressing a press conference at the BJP headquarters here, senior party leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said that in the third meeting of the “so-called opposition alliance”, there was no strategy to address the concerns of farmers, women and children.
“There was no vision for the development of India, no roadmap for the upliftment of the poor…The third meeting of the so-called opposition alliance did not even acknowledge the threat to India posed by terrorism, radicalisation and secessionist forces,” he said.
“Neither any convenor of the alliance was announced nor any committee was set up,” the BJP leader said and alleged that the opposition parties are coming together against the BJP as they are “desperate” for power.
The “only takeaway” from the meeting held in Mumbai is that the opposition parties have “formally and politically accepted their give-and-take principle”, the BJP leader added.
Prasad said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most popular leader due to his vision and policy, and highlighted a number of welfare and development programmes implemented by his government.
On the contrary, the “so-called opposition alliance and its partners neither have any policy, nor any intent, nor any programme”, he said.
“The opposition parties could not present any alternative…Their only recurrent theme is to abuse (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi as much as possible. Their only competition is on who exceeds whom in cursing and abusing Modiji,” Prasad added.
The opposition parties’ INDIA bloc on Friday resolved to fight the 2024 Lok Sabha polls together “as far as possible” and vowed to conclude their seat-sharing arrangements at the earliest in a spirit of “give-and-take”, while exuding confidence that they would easily defeat the BJP.
Taking a dig at the INDIA bloc, Prasad said, “People in this alliance are so familiar with the give-and-take language. Their entire politics is based on give-and-take.”
“The 2G (scam) was give and take, coal (scam) was give-and-take, CWG (scam) was give-and-take,” he said in a veiled attack at the Congress.
Ravi Shankar Prasad also targeted RJD supremo Lalu Prasad, saying he reached the height of “give-and-take” in the fodder scam when he was the chief minister of Bihar.
“Lalu Prasad and his government attained the height of give-and-take. Convicted in several cases of the fodder scam, Lalu Prasad is currently on bail. But then comes a new land-for-job scam,” he said, adding, “This is the record of so-called INDIA parties.”
The BJP leader also lashed out at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for raking up India-China border issues at various platforms and asked if he has become a “spokesperson for the Chinese establishment”.
“Rahul Gandhi, we would like to raise an important issue in the light of surrounding suspicious circumstances. Is China also getting happy with your alliance? Is it necessary to sing paeans for China in every meeting of your alliance?” he asked.
Ravi Shankar Prasad also slammed Gandhi for his remarks about the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), saying, “I doubt he can spell out the full form of the RSS or name the original founder of the RSS.”
He alleged that the opposition parties are coming together against the BJP as they are “desperate” for power but neither the country is listening to them today nor it will tomorrow.
“If you are desperate you will surely be defeated, if you entertain hope you may be redeemed. But there is only desperation, and hence, defeat is certain,” Prasad said asserting that the BJP will win in the 2024 general elections under leadership of Prime Minister Modi.

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